5 Top Tactics for Bid Differentiation

In the Outsource market, the trend towards a greater number of contracts with smaller overall values continues. As per the ISG Outsourcing Index®, the number of restructured and new scope awards are at new high levels, whilst the decline in annual contract value (ACV) continues its (so far) decade long decline.

This isn’t just affecting the Outsource market, it’s affecting most businesses that are used to supplying significant product or services to their customers.

More contracts means more stakeholders; smaller values means a greater number of different kinds of suppliers are accessing the bids. The upshot is that more and more companies are finding it hard to differentiate within the context of a bid. And that’s even if they were trying to do so in the first place!

We have witnessed first-hand the complexity of the bid environment and have created a small but effective guide which lists our five tactics aimed at differentiating you to win.

To get a copy of this guide, simply visit our website and enter your details: http://www.gilroy-dbm.com/five_top_tips/

Alternatively, you can contact us at hello@gilroy.co.uk

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