Bridging the resource gap…

…and driving a connected customer journey
Reaching and influencing your customers is harder than ever. They are likely to use a range of research tools to form opinions before you even know they are interested. Potential customers can move across a range of social and traditional media, where they receive promotions, messages and content that doesn’t always mirror their interests. All this noise means it may be hard to understand where your customers are looking and what they want.

To confound the problem, you may need to influence niche groups of high-value customers, many of which will not respond to over-used channels such as email and DM. The only way forward is to become truly ‘customer obsessed’ and understand the entire customer journey from initial need through to fulfilment.

So how are organisations addressing this challenge?
Oracle recently announced the results from an industry-wide report into how marketing departments within organisations are adapting to the age of the customer and the challenges they face. The report highlighted some interesting facts. For instance, less than half (40%) of marketing departments are able to track the customer journey across channels and only 8%regard their data and marketing systems as completely integrated – meaning that many campaigns are fragmented and often lose effectiveness.

Although 93% of marketing departments are judged on sales, over half (56%) don’t think they are able to impact sales. Not having access to the right marketing skills is regarded as a key reason for this. The top skills marketing departments think they lack are:


As well as not being able to call on the right skill sets, marketing departments are being stretched further than ever, with resource a major issue for most departments:
69% feel that they are not able to effectively report on campaigns
64% cannot manage social media
66% are unable to manage and analyse data properly
79% are not able to allocate the resource necessary to create content required

Many hands make light work…
This provides most organisations with a challenge – how to get products and services to market and then into the hearts and minds of customers, using the available resources. A task that can be too much for even the most effective marketing department.

Enter the agency
While in-house teams will be under pressure to lean towards tried and tested methods, a creative communications agency can often view a campaign in a different way, injecting a new level of innovation to the process.

Marketing departments need to remember that they are not alone. We drive the success of ambitious and inspirational clients who share our values. We do this through long-term relationships based on integrity and mutual trust, not through quick wins or chasing pipeline.

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