Bring back the old

Over the past 15 years the progression of internet and email has dramatically changed the way we work and live. Long gone are the days of sending a fax or posting a letter to communicate vital updates – the process to achieving the ‘new normal’ of sending emails has been so organic that most of us didn’t even notice.

If we have something to say, we tend to say it digitally. However the majority of our target audience do not always give their full appreciation to regular emails from unknown sources. With the use of spam filters weeding out unknown emails that consume inboxes, most recipients do not see or acknowledge marketing announcements, and in just one click without hesitation, it’s deleted.

This unsympathetic reaction to emails has cost marketing activities dearly… average open rates and click throughs that were championed so highly only a few years ago, are now slowly decreasing across most industry standards. Now is the time to look at new ways of reaching our audiences – bringing back some old tricks!

With the economic downturn in 2007, digital became the go-to solution for marketing because of the high levels of data-on-demand, lower campaign costs and faster results. This caused an overall decrease in direct mail. After many years of low postal volumes, direct mail is now fast becoming one of the most effective ways to cut-through and drive a response from a target audience.

As we evolve, so does our technology. The times of a boring DM landing on your desk have gone. We now have the technologies and tools to take good DM marketing and make it great. We have moved far beyond a simple phone call or return address call-to-action; now we can scan, email, join, tweet, post, like, add, pin, become a fan etc.

Online marketing will always remain the powerhouse behind any successful marking activity but by integrating this with off-line marketing, you can take advantage of a far greater wealth of opportunities.

Having recently completed a campaign securing over 100 C-level executives to attend a top-brand technology summit; we sent three separate emails, as well as a physical DM invitation pack that lead to a bespoke registration landing page; I was pleasantly surprised to see just how prominent the role of the physical DM was in the number of registrations we achieved.

Quite simply, emails will always give a good standard of campaign awareness with the assistance of landing pages to capture registrations and subsequent data, but the real showstopper for this campaign came from sending the printed DM… and the compliments came flooding in!

Using a creative top-quality piece of direct mail as part of your integrated marketing strategy could multiply your chances of prospect engagements. Are you ready to bring back the old?

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