Creating better conversations

We all know content is king but in order to get the response you want, you need to make sure you are giving the right message to the right audience. However, what if you could generate a new way of creating a perspective whereby the message is given by the experts; people who are not only your audience but your peers too?

We all talk daily about our own knowledge and interests, but what if this could be turned into a shareable asset, providing value to your customers? How can you match your expertise to the conversations your customers want to have, or are already having?

We have worked with many of the top IT and digital companies in the world and these clients are a fountain of knowledge within their industry – experts and thought leaders in their field. We decided to utilise this and create content from conversations and examples; after all, we have all had moments where we are discussing something and have used a real-life example to help bring the story to life and making it relatable.

By creating this type of content, we are able to position individuals as thought leaders in their field, making them more relevant, helping to build their own personal brand as an expert. After all, 57% of people agree that engaging and compelling storytelling triggers specific responses that governs marketing success.

There are many ways that we are now helping our customer in this way but one successful outcome is what we call an ‘insight guide’. This compromises of opinion, the very latest trends and insight into key issues, written in an easy to digest and informal way, allowing the reader to relate to the stories and be a part of the conversation. As soon as our clients saw how engaged their audience was with the guide and how easy it was to contribute and write as well as developing additional collateral from, it became a must have document rather than just an innovative idea.

A major benefit of the insight guide is its ability to be shared, exposing new perspectives around key subject matters. Currently 93% of organisations invest in content marketing and 71% plan to increase their content marketing budget this year, so why not make your content personable and insightful, and empower key stakeholders in your business to position themselves as experts in their field?

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