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You don’t need me to tell you that your social presence is important and that you should keep it up to date; we all know that. Or do we? We all have a CV yet not everyone keeps their LinkedIn profile up to date…

It’s like starting a new week and intending to eat clean…it doesn’t always happen that way; someone in the office brings in cakes; there’s an offer on at the front of the till; your tough Monday has led to an evening binge.

Tuesday…yes Tuesday you’ll start afresh.

Sound familiar? Your best intentions sometimes go amiss and this can be said for improving your social presence.

Everyone is online – your customers, prospects, decision makers and the people that influence them. The majority use smartphones or tablets to consume information, conduct research and network faster than ever before, on demand.

Prior to a business meeting, the chances are, your LinkedIn profile will be viewed. Perhaps that business meeting could potentially be winning you big business. But you haven’t uploaded a photo? You have no activity? The next person the company meet offer exactly the same service, except their social profile reveals a blog they’d written on a subject the prospect is already interested in, or testimonials of the great work they’ve done, putting them on the front foot without having even stepped into the room.

It is important to mention here that we’re not saying sign up to all social platforms and churn out content in the hope it meets the needs of your prospects. That’s not the case. Instead, do some research. What platform do your customers use? What kind of conversations are you having with them? What are they commenting on or sharing? All of these snippets of insight, put into context, can shape your next conversation and help to build on your relationships.

Ultimately, people buy from people. It’s all about creating connections, networking and using online as a platform to build your credibility and create more meaningful conversations.

With 84% of CEO’s and VP’s s using social media to help make purchasing decisions, there really is no better time to maximise your social channels.

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