Get to the point! Surviving the content overload

Put an end to content overload and get your message heard
How many times have you heard the phrase ‘less is more’? There’s a reason why we use it so often in conversations with our corporate clients: we’re living in a world of content overload. And the more content there is out there, the less chance you’ve got of being heard.

So if we all know this to be the case, why is so much marketing content still being produced that a) appears to have no valid point; and b) takes the reader ten minutes to discover there’s no valid point? It seems that clarity is being lost in content trying to tell too many stories and tick every box.

No room for embarrassment
In the end, the only box you need to tick is the one asking ‘what’s your point?’ Whatever the point is, don’t be embarrassed about it and hide it in ponderous content: shout it loudly and clearly. This is an amazing product or service; it can solve a specific problem; it gives you something you crave, desire, or need; I’m an expert, and I know what I’m talking about. It doesn’t matter which of these is the point, just get to it quickly.

In search of brevity
A professional writer can help you with this. Of course, I would say that wouldn’t I? But it’s a fact. Content produced in-house by people who’ve been landed with the task, alongside their day jobs, simply doesn’t get the same results.

The designated employee may be enthusiastic, which often results in excessive, unnecessary verbiage. Or perhaps they’re so overworked that they simply cobble together a bunch of content just to get the job done. Rarely does the content align with corporate strategy. And it’s likely to be just luck (or plain old brand loyalty) that ensures your customers are engaged, enthused and keen to buy.

A professionally trained copywriter, on the other hand, will be adept at understanding and conveying the value of your offer. They will know how to put it in the context of the end customer and can provide a compelling call to action. Importantly, they won’t lose your message in unwanted waffle: they’ll quickly get to the point. It’s what they’re paid to do.

Creating your own killer content
So when it comes to producing your content, rather than falling into the usual traps, why not turn to professionals? We use a proven process of: disclosure, discovery, development and delivery. This process allows us to find out not only ‘what your key people know’ but also ‘what they didn’t know, they know’. Then using our industry leading copywriters we develop killer content that’s impactful and stands head and shoulder above the competition.

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