Great minds think alike

And there lies the challenge.

Great thinkers all generally have a ‘heritage’. Most have worked at great places, had similar thought processes or been conditioned in the same way regarding how to think or effectively complete tasks. …Well it’s all changed, the Internet has thrown a spanner in the works. Thought processes now have to adapt, the ideas have to be cross platform and they have to be different. Most creative ideas are now exposed on the web. Many are forwarded, liked, shared and probably copied to within an inch of their creative life.

So where now? Well all is not lost, good creative directors have the foundations on which to grow, the stage is bigger and more people are watching – so the stakes are higher, but so are the rewards. Agencies need to ‘think’ and do things differently, even the adcepts we produce here at Gilroy are ‘square’ to get away from the old ‘Art Director’ look and feel we all know and love. But new ideas tend to confuse when first sold especially if the idea is not necessarily the Art Director’s.

The great thing is the playground for creative is bigger and we have more friends to play with, the greater the mind, the greater the platform, the greater the opportunity. Here at Gilroy we know how to think differently, we have been doing it for some 30 years, we relentlessly look for new and exciting opportunities to show our creative thinking, how to measure it and get the results you expect.

All our campaigns start with one thing, a great idea. So bring on the great minds, the thinkers, the doer’s, the craftsmen, the innovators and the mavericks – our time has come. It’s a massive opportunity. Let’s grab it with both hands.

Here at Gilroy we believe we have a unique approach to the agency model. If you would like to hear about this approach, or why some of the biggest brands in the world come to us, give us a call, email us, tweet us, you get the idea…

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