Introducing the world’s most intelligent street sign

Here at Gilroy, we love discovering new quirky technology applications, especially when they can enhance our everyday lives. Our smart phones have become a must-have to help us navigate to where we want to go, but now even a street sign could become something to interact with.

At a glance, it looks like any other directional sign, but Points is a new kind of street sign that is interactive, real-time and social. Created by New York-based design agency Breakfast, it is described as “the most advanced and intelligent directional sign on Earth”.

The thin arrowed screens include 16,000 LEDs and pivot around the post to give a range of information that is specific to the user. After selecting your chosen category from an eye-level interface, the signs move to point in the direction of the chosen destination whilst providing additional information on screen.

For example, if someone selects “Transit,” the sign would point to the nearest train stations or bus stops, along with displaying an estimated walking distance and the next departure time for each one. In fact, it can tell you anything about what’s happening nearby depending on the time of day. This can apply to concerts, landmarks, restaurants and much more. Points is connected to the Internet and can therefore use RSS feeds and social media sites to help people find what is around them.

We can think of countless applications for Points (airport terminals, sports matches, festivals and trade shows to name but a few). At the moment only one exists but rest assured this will almost certainly be the next step for digital signage.


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