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We have spoken before about the benefits of responsive design with our post last summer outlining 5 core benefits of this design technique.  The post focused on responsive websites which are considered to be a standard deliverable at Gilroy across the majority of our web design and build projects.

For marketers though websites aren’t the only engagement point that can reap the benefits of responsive design. We recommend clients develop responsive emails to take advantage of the rise in mobile email optimisation and accessibility. For instance, 87% of C-level executives now check the majority of their email via their smartphones, underlining the importance of delivering content in a form that can be easily read and CTAs actioned. It is thought that content not optimised for mobile phones suffer of lower conversion rate of up to 28% because of increased ‘tap errors’, or accidental use of links – underlining the value of a responsive design.

Such is the rise of responsive design email that it was a key topic at this year’s RIMC 2013 conference. Here are a few interesting facts from the conference courtesy of Richard Quick:

·         Mobile commerce has grown from 7% in 2011 to 24% in 2012

·         41% of commercial emails were opened on mobile devices in the second half of 2012

·         Poor mobile emails lead to unsubscribes

We have seen this trend when running email campaigns for our clients. A recent marketing communication to 5,000 people returned the following list of most popular email clients.

To a B2B audience that is a staggering mobile readership of 42.2% of which 36.4% are through iOS devices. And herein lies an important point. Just like regular emails not all email clients are made equal so responsive design is not universally accepted. However as our stats show iOS devices are a major player worth consideration and thankfully boast of near trouble free email rendering.

So is it about time you considered responsive design of your marketing emails? Can you afford not to? If you would like Gilroy to explain how we can help you why not get in touch or email

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