Process – it’s all about the balance

Being German, I am very familiar with the four P’s. No, not the four P’s you’re thinking of – I am talking about Planning, Preparation, Precision and our favourite of the bunch: Process.

Living and working in a different country has made me aware of just how many stereotypes exist about Germans, including our obsession with efficiency and following strict processes.

Since working at Gilroy I have actually learnt a thing or two about process, namely that it is more about the balance than about having precisely defined processes that must be executed 24/7 without exception; they do come with a lot of benefits though.

Processes increase efficiency, especially when a business scales up and more workers are employed – these processes are like a blueprint for a business, illustrating who is responsible for what and how things are done in best practice. Having this established, step-by-step way of doing things, as well as internal documents and tools supporting them, saves time, energy and resources.

These benefits are legit, however processes often assume a predictable environment. Needless to say, unpredictable things happen all the time and no client is the same. Being flexible, going the extra mile and sometimes even going against process to meet your client’s need – that is what we at Gilroy pride ourselves on. Being able to improvise and swiftly change course is a crucial skill that you cannot outline in any process or protocol. These abilities come from years of experience and being invested in your client’s success and their satisfaction.

At Gilroy, we are always ready to find a solution for any challenge that our client faces. Having efficient processes in place helps us to simplify and streamline our day-to-day operations, get the most out of the tools and applications we use, and has freed up time for the Senior Partners to drive the business forward. Where larger businesses are often tied down to strict step to step processes, our size enables us to take a more agile approach, completely tailored to our customers’ needs.

Our processes have been developed as a team and are open to changes when we find a better way of doing something. This way we ensure that they are always up-to-date and ultimately benefit our clients by getting better work at a faster speed.

The internal documents and tools we have put in place for this purpose are also a way of capturing our expertise – everyone contributes their knowledge and past experiences, meaning better results and more valuable services and ideas we can offer to our clients.

It seems the German stereotype around following strict process isn’t always true. I’ve since found that ultimately, it’s all about the balance – processes are important as they give direction and keep things consistent. And if they are done well, instead of consuming time, they free up time, action, creativity and efficiency but there does need to be flexibility.

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