The content marketing explosion – long live the king!

At Gilroy we’ve always said that content is king and context is queen. It seems we are not alone in our views. A report out today from B2B marketing has found that content-driven marketing is more than a passing trend and is now vital to the success of many B2B campaigns.

The report undertaken by Circle Research interviewed 177 client-side marketers regarding their views on spend, importance, ability to demonstrate ROI and the main challenges – threw up some interesting results.

The three most common objectives for campaigns were:

1. Brand positioning

2. Demand generation

3. Audience engagement – all of which are perfect for a content marketing approach.

When asked their views on value of content marketing:

. 86% felt content marketing was important or critical to their campaigns (only 1% felt it was of no importance)

. 77% felt content marketing enabled brands to demonstrate a ROI

. 56% felt content marketing impacted sales figures, 15% thought there was no increase and 29% didn’t know

. 37% of the time was the average investment marketers spent each month on content marketing activities

As a far as tactics go – the most effective were thought to be: case studies, whitepapers and videos with social media surprisingly not featuring in the top three.

Whereas placing content at the heart of a marketing campaign might have sounded an alien idea ten years ago, now two thirds (69%) of companies currently create personalised marketing content, underlining its growing importance. When questioned if they planned to invest more budget in content marketing in the coming year 60% of marketers stated they would.

If content is not yet regarded as ‘King’ in most people’s eyes it certainly will be.

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