Thinking on your feet

It’s typical…a few pints into the night and the floodgates have opened. It’s an inevitable, if not slightly annoying natural occurrence for any man. But fear not Captive Media have cleverly found a way to capitalise on your time spent as you ‘spend a penny’.

The Exhibit bar in Balham, south London being one of the first to have urinal based computer games available for your toileting pleasure. Infrared sensors and toilet targets stuck within the urinals themselves allow you to participate in various games and activities via the direction of your ‘stream’. Pubs and bars believe that with games lasting as long as you do, you may drink more to play more, resulting in increased sales and profits.
Currently the consoles offer games such as skiing (optional multiplayer), quizzes and promotional adverts. However the potential for this kind of technology goes further still. It could well be a marketers dream. Short surveys could be completed with simple yes (left) and no (right) answer.
No longer will you be left staring blankly at the wall trying to avoid any uncomfortable neighbourly eye contact whilst you go about your business.
To us this seems like a great idea… marketeers really could have a ‘captive market’ we look forward to seeing these in our local pub.
Due to sensor obscuring issues we can’t see the toilet bowl version becoming available anytime soon!

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