Why this Christmas belongs to Monty

Why do people love Christmas ads? Memorable adverts from the likes of John Lewis and Coca-Cola along with cheesy perfume ads are now as part of Christmas as turkey and presents. John Lewis’ latest Christmas ad has been another huge success for the retail brand. Monty the penguin has reduced many parents to tears and children up and down the country have torn up Christmas lists to demand replica versions of the penguin from Santa.

The Monty advert cost £1m to shoot and took nine months to bring to life. Since its release, the advert has received 16m views on social media, while sales at John Lewis have risen 10.8% breaking all records for the group. Here are a few facts that you might not know:

  • A stuffed Monty costs £95! If you can find one
  • The Monty campaign cost £7m (which includes in-store advertising, TV ad-breaks, billboards, newspaper adverts and social media)
  • Since the debut of the advert John Lewis has sold 3.7 tonnes of chocolate Montys
  • Monty has his own Twitter feed which has 35.4k followers and is growing
  • The song ‘Real Love’ was written in 1979 by John Lennon but was never released in his lifetime
  • Last year Lily Allen’s version of ‘Somewhere Only We Know’, helped boost John Lewis’s sales by 6.9% on the previous year

So why has this advert been so successful? I suspect it’s due to the fact that every element is carefully considered; ensuring each frame adds to a meaningful story that customers can relate to. By ensuring ads are both thoughtful and emotional, brands can drive a deeper connection with the audience, helping to build a relationship and secure future engagements. At Gilroy we love adverts, especially ones with great creative and copywriting.

Merry Christmas.

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