Manufacturing has come of age: Are you ready?Your customers are driving change – listen to themThink beyond the smart factoryUse data to power your smart factoryBe environmentally savvyBe smart end-to-endGet all the smart people in one roomDo some design-thinking to drive change Manufacturing has come of age: Are you ready?Manufacturers are looking beyond basic products and services to a whole new world of services. Your customers are driving change – listen to them We all want to buy any product at any time from any device wherever we happen to be the moment we want something… and smart manufacturers are enabling them to do it! Think beyond the smart factoryYou need to be smart inside your factory and outside it. You have to think beyond the factory – to the start of your supply chain through to the end consumer. Dont just make something and dispatch it: engage your customer in a relationship based on an ongoing service. Use data to power your smart factoryCollect data from every interaction throughout your supply chain and your relationship with customers and use it to power insights that can transform your business. Be environmentally savvyData and digital help manufacturers be more sustainable and satisfy the customers’ desire for smart environmental outcomes based on more efficient operational value chains. Be smart end-to-endAdd digital at every stage from procurement to production, processes to distribution to warehousing and retail and on to consumption and recycling. Do some design-thinking to drive changeThe only way to protect market share is to unlock the innovative ideas inside your business. Fujitsus proven methodology can help you focus on what you need to do, and what you can achieve. *Our Digital Transformation Centers operate in three major cities right now, but we can run workshops using the same methodologies at your premises or anywhere thats convenient. Please speak to us about how we can arrange a Co-Creation workshop.Get all the smart people in one roomFujitsus Digital Transformation Centers and workshops get your best people and our best people together to focus on your challenges and how we can innovate to succeed through co-creation.*